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The Dairy Pod is a standalone HIGH TEMPERATURE water heater that produces hot water at 95°C, hot enough to activate the chemicals in a farm’s washdown process, but runs on Biomass wood pellets.  This means that it qualifies for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

*Let the government pay for it! The RHI is a 20 year tariff paid to the owner of the system.  It pays a set rate for every kilowatt hour of heat produced by your system.  This means that your Dairy Pod will pay for itself based on your useage.  Typically, running on biomass wood pellets costs around 4.5p per kWh of heat, compared to oil at 7.0p, LPG at 9.0p and electricity at 14.0p, so the savings can be substantial.

This is a fantastic opportunity for farmers with high hot water usage to add valuable profit margin by decreasing their running costs.  With falling milk prices, and increasing energy costs, farms can add to their bottom line by switching to the Dairy Pod.

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